Back at Manchester Met.

My first week back at Manchester Met.

Returning to MMU for the second year now officially a fresher. Last year I studied a foundation course, so now I have returned as a first year studying multimedia journalism in Manchester. Studying a foundation year last year I feel has benefited me as it offered me an insight to the degree without throwing me into the deep end. Confidence is a major issue for me, and I believe over the year my confidence levels grew.
The first week as a fresher involves many crazy nights, lots of alcohol, humiliating drinking games, missed 9am lectures (accompanied by an angry email) and the dreaded fresher’s flu (which is NOT a myth). Fresher’s week is all planned out for you, with society fairs to messy club nights out. It is unarguably certain that the society fair will leave you bombarded with information, stocked up on unnecessary freebies and knee deep in leaflets (which all end up stacked high in the corner of your room for months on end). You almost feel pressured into signing up to societies you’ll never actually attend, and they WILL send you countless emails for the rest of your life.
Unlike last year living in the luxury of halls, I’m living in an uninhabitable student hovel. The ultimate student digs.


My student house.

When I moved in, the house was still having work done. Your typical student house includes, hundreds of bills from the last tenants dated back to 2014, the unavoidable damp walls, unclaimed out of date fridge items, an over sensitive fire alarm, a missing curtain here and there and finally the good old trusty Henry Hoover. Being away from home can feel a bit unsettling so I’ve added little touches to my house to feel more homely.

This is all apart of the university experience however, and i have loved living and fending for myself. Having your own house means no rules. And no rules means the best time of your life.



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